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Screw machine products

Screw Machine Products from VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc.

In VALCO's complete metal parts manufacturing house, we are able to create products that fit the needs of companies in a wide variety of industries. From companies in the automotive world to healthcare industries, VALCO produces tools and parts that fit any application.

That kind of commitment requires coordination on the part of our staff as well as access to state-of-the-art equipment. It is how we are able to produce more than 1,000 variations of our snap buttons, and it's how we are able to create high-quality, reliable screw machine products.

What Sets Our Screw Machine Products Apart from the Rest?

screw machine equiptmentOne look at our automatic screw machine department (and our complete CNC turning centers) and you'll understand how VALCO has managed to become a leader in metal parts manufacturing for more than 40 years.

Our equipment gives us the flexibility to produce small or large volume runs on screw machine products, and that includes anything from nuts, bolts and screws to connectors, shafts, spacers, fittings, pins, and so much more. With the ability to accommodate up to 1 5/8" diameter bar stock, we are sure to be able to meet your needs.

Best of all, VALCO creates these essential parts -created from any design - as a cost-effective solution with a lightning fast production speed.

Let VALCO/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. Be Your Metal Parts Supplier

If you are looking for screw machine products for your company, please contact us today. We look forward to meeting your specific manufacturing needs.