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Speciality Fasteners & Metal Stamping

The various departments at VALCO allow us to produce all kinds of products for different industries. In our metal stamping department, we develop products for everything from the automotive industry to the world of retail.

Our specialty fasteners don’t always fall into a specific category, because they fit a wide variety of needs, whether it’s sign hanging or locking together adjustable tubing. Whatever the requirement, we have the parts for you.

Specialty Fasteners & Metal Stamping

The numerous departments at Valco allow us to produce a wide variety of specialty fasteners and metal stamping products for various industries. As a full-service metal stamping company, we develop products for many industries, including:

Even though we have many readymade fasteners for all of these industries and more, we know that as new products emerge or old ones are modified, changes to their functionality may need to be made.

We’re dedicated to working with you every step of the way to ensure that if we don’t have the part you require, we can design and create it. Our dedicated engineers and technicians have been innovating in the manufacturing field for decades and we hope to make your project our next challenge.

Our Processes

Our tool room is capable of designing many different die types for customer needs, from progressive to four-slide to single-head dies. Of these, progressive and four-slide are our most common procedures.

Progressive Stamping

This metalworking method modifies raw metal material through coining, punching and bending, among other procedures, while working in conjunction with an automatic feeding system. As the metal stamping press makes each stroke, a new, completed piece is created by the die.

This process creates a number of benefits:

  • Speed – Because the process allows a constant feed of material, more individual pieces can be made in less time compared to standard fabrication and machining.
  • No Degradation – With large volume runs, the die designs maintain their integrity, resulting in a high-quality end product.
  • Cost-Effective – Due to its quicker setup, this metal stamping process creates products faster and, in turn, saves our clients money.
  • Less Scrap - During the progressive stamping procedure, the majority of metal material is efficiently used toward the end result, leaving very little excess.
  • Creation of More Varied Products – Your products will have the ability to be shaped into numerous geometries for single pieces, giving you a wider range of potential appearances and applications.

Four-Slide Metal Stamping

This metalworking method completes all operations needed to create your piece from beginning to end. And because it can manipulate pieces from four axes, this process can work with some parts that progressive dies cannot.

The benefits of this process include:

  • Speed – Parts can be created at high speeds (ranging from 30-250 pieces per minute) while retaining top product integrity.
  • Cost-Effective – Since fewer machines are needed to create a finished product, the total cost of production is significantly reduced.
  • Increased Productivity – With all facets of production being handled by a single machine, more parts can be made efficiently.
  • Flexibility – With die sets not needed, materials can be made into flat as well as rounded shapes.

The Right Part for the Job

Whether you need adjustable telescoping tubing, industrial hanging equipment, specialty fasteners or anything in-between, Valco will provide it. Whatever the requirement, we have the parts for you.

Some of our custom metal stampings include:

  • Belleville washer – A product with numerous military applications.
  • Cement & concrete sliding hangers – Valued by the construction trade.
  • Blood testing machine test tube retention carousel – A vital product for the medical industry.
  • Sign hangers – Pieces with numerous practical uses, particularly in the retail field.
  • Spring plungers – A great alternative to snap buttons when tubing is not practical or desired.

And if you’re having trouble finding the part you think you might need, make sure to contact us. Our customer service capabilities are truly a step above other metal stamping companies.

Fastener & Metal Stamping Product Gallery

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