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Snap Buttons

With more than 1,000 variations, VALCO snap buttons are used in a wide variety of products and industries around the world. Our snap buttons are found in everything from home and health care products to applications in the automotive, aeronautical and construction industries.

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We specialize in custom snap buttons and can often replicate or create the one you are seeking.

See What VALCO Snap Buttons Can Do for Your Company

As you can see, the snap button is an incredibly versatile component to products in just about every industry imaginable.

From medical equipment to the soccer goals you see out on park fields, VALCO snap buttons are everywhere, and wed love for them to help your products become more efficient and easy-to-use than ever before.

Custom-Made Snap Buttons for Your Business

Despite our robust list of snap button offerings, many clients require custom metal parts to fit their specific components. This is an area where VALCO excels, as we have a full research and development department - teamed with an experienced, professional group of engineers - ready to make your concept a reality.

Our developers take your drawing and design a snap button based on your specifications. This ability to make custom products for clients has allowed the VALCO line of snap buttons to grow to more than 1,000 variations.

The Benefits of Working with VALCO

Our snap button production certainly makes us an ideal manufacturer to work with, but what else separates us from the competition?
  • All of our processes - from product conceptualization to distribution - are handled in-house, allowing us to pass the lower costs on to you.
  • We are a global supplier of snap button products, giving us the opportunity to work with all kinds of companies with varying needs
And with more than 40 years of experience working with state-of-the-art technology, meeting the needs of clients all over the world, VALCO is truly your best bet for reliable, versatile snap buttons.

To learn more - and to get a quote for your business - contact VALCO today.