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About Valco's Products

At VALCO, we pride ourselves on being able to meet any client request, with a dedicated staff, modern facilities, and unmatched service.

We produce all of our products through a complete metal stamping department, automatic screw machine department, and CNC machining capabilities, all of which can be used in small or large volume production runs.

With more than 1,000 variations of our popular snap button line to presses with a 200-ton capacity, we are confident that we will meet your expectations.

Snap Buttons Fasteners for Telescoping Tubing

Our snap button line - Valco Snap Buttons are used in a multitude of products and industries all over the world. With over 1000 variations of the Valco Snap Button in our product line, we are confident that we can accommodate you with the exact configuration to meet your individual requirements for the best possible performance. 

Valco Snap Buttons are used in many consumer products in such areas such as baby products, camping equipment, health care products, home care products, recreational products and sporting goods. 

In addition, Valco Snap Buttons are used in many industries: aeronautical, automotive, construction, mining and store fixture applications. 

We are sure you will agree that the possibilities for the use of the Valco Snap Button are endless. Chances are not a day goes by that you do not come in contact with some type of product where a Valco Snap Button are used. 


Our Metal Stamping Department is outfitted with presses ranging from 5 - 200 ton capacity enabling us to produce a wide variety of products.


Automatic Screw Machine

Our Automatic Screw Machine Department, complete with a CNC turning centers, can easily accommodate up to 1 5/8" diameter bar stock. Valley Tool & Die, Inc. has the flexibility to produce small or large volume production runs.


CNC Machining Capabilities

We operate some of the most sophisticated equipment available at our facility including a CNC wire EDM machine and a CNC turning center. Whether it is simply wire cutting or complete fabrication of your design, our fully IGES and DFX compatible EDM capabilities will meet your expectations.