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 About VALCO

About Valco

In business for over 40 years, Valley Tool & Die, Inc., is a complete metal parts manufacturing house with a proud history of quality products, service and performance.

Our commitment to modern facilities, dedicated personnel, and assured quality products have provided our customers with the quality on time deliveries they demand. Contact us to learn more.

The cornerstone of Valley Tool & Die, Inc., is the VALCO Snap Button product line. Consisting of over 1000 variations, we are certain we can provide the right product to fit your application - whatever it might be. In the event your application is extremely unique, our Product Development Department is always ready to assist you in obtaining the perfect fit.

Our professional engineering staff utilizes state-of-the-art technology prototyping to take your product from concept to reality. Add to that a complete tool room staffed by journeyman tool and die makers capable of producing both progressive dies and four-slide dies and our own innovative tools used in secondary operations and assemblies located only a few steps away, and coordination is quick and easy.

We operate some of the most sophi
sticated equipment available at our facility, our fully state of the art capabilities will exceed your expectations.


Special emphasis is always placed on quality here at Valley Tool & Die, Inc. We continually monitor all aspects of our business employing such techniques as Statistical Process Control and the use of coordinate measuring machines and optical comparators to ensure the highest quality and performance of our products.

Plant & Equipment

Our snap button line - Valco Snap Buttons are used in a multitude of products and industries all over the world. With over 1000 variations of the VALCO Snap Button in our product line, we are confident that we can accommodate you with the exact configuration to meet your individual requirements for the best possible performance. 

Our Snap Buttons are used in many consumer products in such areas such as baby products, camping equipment, health care products, home care products, recreational products and sporting goods. 

In addition, the Snap Buttons we produce are used in many industries: aeronautical, automotive, construction, mining and store fixture applications. 

We are sure you will agree that the possibilities for the use of the Valco Snap Button are endless. Chances are not a day goes by that you do not come in contact with some type of product where our snap buttons are used. 


Cleveland Ohio Facility

Located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, Valley Tool & Die, Inc. stands ready, willing and able to serve you with superior service and products. 

Our substantial inventory of our most popular products enables us to react quickly to our customer’s needs. We may be easily reached by whichever method you find most convenient - telephone, facsimile machine, or the internet.

Why not join the growing number of companies to discover the VALCO advantage?